Based in Lancashire, I work as a Horticulture Consultant and Trainer.  My specialism is using Social and Therapeutic Horticulture to improve the wellbeing of individuals, groups and communities.  I work with partners through one-off or flexible ongoing contracts and can help groups and organisations develop and deliver green funding bids.

Horticulture Consultant and Training services – Places, People and Plants

Delivering expert evaluation of local green spaces and support to help them work better for their communities. I design customised and/or accredited courses and workshops to benefit both individuals and groups to improve their growing skills.  To embed these skills, I can establish networks to support community-based green assets.

Specialist Green Expertise


I am a qualified horticulture consultant and trainer, with 16 years’ experience.  Therefore, I can help improve green spaces in a range of ways by evaluating them to assess their suitability for use as food growing or recreational spaces.  I also produce designs and planting plans and specify growing facilities such as polytunnels, greenhouses, biodomes, storage areas and potting sheds etc.


I have worked successfully with a wide range of communities and groups including those with learning disabilities and difficulties, socially excluded groups, primary and secondary schools, local resident’s groups, volunteer groups, those with mental health problems, Carers and adult learners.  My work has been delivered in conjunction with charities, schools, colleges, councils & social landlords.


As a qualified teacher with 13 years’ experience I am expert in designing and delivering horticulture workshops and courses.  My aim is to pass on my love for and knowledge of plants and nature to others.  This can help individuals and communities enjoy their green spaces and improve their wellbeing by interacting with plants for pleasure & nutrition and taking an active part in placemaking in their community.

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