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How to make a recycled Pallet Planter

Pallet planters Wooden delivery pallets are easy to find and make sturdy planters to brighten up your garden, balcony or yard.  Used stood on their edge they take up very little room on the ground but create an eye catching and practical vertical planter. Materials...

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Semi-Ripe Cuttings – When, What and How

When to take Semi-ripe Cuttings You can take semi-ripe cuttings from plant stems and use them to grow new plants for free.  They are just one type of stem cutting; you can take different types of cutting through the year - Hardwood cuttings are taken from November to...

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Autumn Colour with Small Garden Trees

Autumn Colour with Small Garden Trees When many flowering plants are finishing for the year you can still have autumn colour with small garden trees through their leaves and berries.  When choosing trees for a small garden you need to check the eventual height and...

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Long Flowering Viola cornuta

Long Flowering Still looking beautiful as summer slides into autumn, the long flowering Viola cornuta is a small (up to 15cm), but tough, border plant .  Its clear blue flowers start in late spring and continue all the way through to September.  It performs well in...

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Garden Design Tips for Beginners

Colour Schemes Pick a limited range of colours you like and stick to those.  This will give your garden a clear theme and make it pleasing to look at.  People tend to choose purple/pink/blue/white or yellow/orange/red.  But contrasts with purple/orange/yellow can also...

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Scented Phlox

Scent is often something that is overlooked when we are choosing plants for our garden.  We are captivated by flowers and colours and forget the added pleasure of fragrance.  During this long, warm and dry summer I've been sitting outside in my garden almost every day...

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Plants for Shade

Most gardens have at least one area that is in the shade.  This could be caused by nearby buildings, walls, trees or hedges.  But it is still possible to create a beautiful and interesting feature out of a shady area by using plants are adapted to cope with woodland...

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