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Permission to potter – downtime in the garden

Permission to potter ! I've just been reading an article that points out how 'busy' we all are in contemporary society.  Being 'busy' may make us feel important and useful.  However, this can also lead to anxiety and stress if it starts to dominate our lives. My...

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How to make a recycled Pallet Planter

Pallet planters Wooden delivery pallets are easy to find and make sturdy planters to brighten up your garden, balcony or yard.  Used stood on their edge they take up very little room on the ground but create an eye catching and practical vertical planter. Materials...

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Semi-Ripe Cuttings – When, What and How

When to take Semi-ripe Cuttings You can take semi-ripe cuttings from plant stems and use them to grow new plants for free.  They are just one type of stem cutting; you can take different types of cutting through the year - Hardwood cuttings are taken from November to...

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