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Garden Design Tips for Beginners

Colour Schemes Pick a limited range of colours you like and stick to those.  This will give your garden a clear theme and make it pleasing to look at.  People tend to choose purple/pink/blue/white or yellow/orange/red.  But contrasts with purple/orange/yellow can also...

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Scented Phlox

Scent is often something that is overlooked when we are choosing plants for our garden.  We are captivated by flowers and colours and forget the added pleasure of fragrance.  During this long, warm and dry summer I've been sitting outside in my garden almost every day...

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Plants for Shade

Most gardens have at least one area that is in the shade.  This could be caused by nearby buildings, walls, trees or hedges.  But it is still possible to create a beautiful and interesting feature out of a shady area by using plants are adapted to cope with woodland...

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Growing Flowers for Bees

Reasons to help Bees As farming practices change and urban areas increase, the natural habitat of bees is in decline.  But gardens can play a very important role in supporting bees by providing places for them to shelter, breed and hibernate as well feed. We rely on...

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Growing Annual Flowers

Growing annual flowers is fun, as well as very rewarding; sowing seeds and watching them grow into beautiful flowers.  Children are also fascinated by watching seeds germinate and develop through different stages. Annual flowers can extend the period of colour in your...

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Raised Beds or Growing in the Ground?

Late winter/early spring is a good time to get prepared for the new growing season.  It is an ideal time to get your beds and borders ready for planting.  Raised beds are becoming increasingly popular with gardeners as they are easier to maintain than ground beds and...

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